2024 - Pursuits

Time has seemingly flown past incomprehensibly the last few years. Maybe I've been living in slow motion. At least, it feels like it. There have been pursuits of a million things, with varying upshots. There are things I really want to spend time on, improve on, enjoy and live with. I will most likely justify & delineate each of these in a different blog, but I'd like to gather my ideas first. There was initially a division into Eventually, Later and Now to help me understand what I want better, but I've stripped that part off. Some of these in no particular order:

  1. Master Piano, make music, sing.
  2. The polyglot: Spanish, French, German, and more.
  3. Read books
  4. Design journey - learn by mimicking designs.
  5. Science journey - bioinformatics and shiz.
  6. AI journey - Deep learning v2, projects, etc.
  7. The creator: consistent blogs, videos.
  8. hacker: leetcode, network, security and shiz.
  9. Side things: make apps, games, and cool shiz.
  10. Routine: Stick to the plan.
  11. Love and peace: Love, Meditate, Travel.