A shift in time

Time is really funny. It's relative. It can either slow down drastically, or be gone in a jiff. When you look back at the past, you always wonder what happened to all my time? I do it all the time. It's a favorite pastime of mine. Luckily, time never ends. I can make up for lost time in the future.

A relentless idea

By now, I know it's okay to have grand ideas; grander than what can be achieved. I have always been driven by grand ideas. The lack of followthrough is a different topic, which we'll talk about below, but ideas drive me. I've always had grand ambitions. Grand visions. But they're starting to die. I might finally run out of time if I do not make something of myself. I always had the motivation, but what I lacked was discipline. Habits, hobbies, and punctuality. Sticking to the plan. One thing I've wanted to always do was explore life outside of this country. And I sidetracked it yet again, to find a new job in the short term. But a dream woke me up, again. It's not time for me to settle. I want to go around the world and live in places. I want to explore cultures, languages, lifestyles and the likes. I do not want to give up so early. So, I will make a plan. Another plan. Yet another plan to supersede the previous plan. Maybe this time, it'll work. I only have to make it work once.

A shift in time

Let's talk time. I intend to realize this dream by next Spring. Yeah, plan's a lot more concrete this time around. That's about 7-8 ish months. By this time, I want to be technically sound in Frontend, and Backend Engineering, and be in sync with the AI industry. That's it. That should be enough. I will either get a remote job and travel the world, or get a job in some other country. So, I gotta work really hard and smart, learn new things everyday and keep at it. That being said, I also want to adopt good habits, and wean myself away from the bad ones. I wanna learn Spanish, French and German. I wanna play the Keyboard. I wanna read books. That's all. Rest can be more ad-hoc.

So, the first change I need to make is shift my active hours. I wake up at 11ish and sleep at 2ish. Almost nothing gets done in the first half. And the second half. Time gets wasted during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I laze around all day. I'm not active. There is no drive during the day. Most work gets done at night, after dinner. That's when reality usually hits me. All of this needs to change. I miss school when I was at peak. Constantly being sharp, and overclocking my brain. Somewhere after, over the years, I have become complacent and lazy. I messed up. I really want to change that. I will focus; I will have a one-track mind. I'm away from social media. I'm away from news, except the tech kind. I will shift my active hours, to something like:

wake up at 8AM.
start work by 9AM.
lunch at 1PM. (4 hours of deep work)
start again, at 2:30PM
work till 5:30PM (3 more hours)

Any time that's used later is bonus. I'll keep that for hobbies, gym, messing around and whatever. I can't believe there are 7 hours right here. Of course, I have a job; so things might get pushed to later during the day if need be. I'll start doing this today. I have already changed for the better in the few weeks it has been since I got married; I've been waking up earlier than before; I've been cooking and cleaning; I read a book before sleep. I have been more responsible. I think I can do this.

I will constantly blog away my thoughts and ideas right here; this is a place for refuge, and recuperation. Let's see how I do this time.

If things aren't going well, there's a hacky way too; I could do a master's or a similar program, get a visa, and get a job. If things aren't going to plan by mid-Fall, this is what I will do. Maybe do an AI specialization. Let's see. I need to research deeper about the different ways to go abroad as well. Research well.

Let's fucking go.