Get these things straight in your simulation hypothesis

Well, you have taken the cooler route; you believe we live in a simulation. You believe in the other kind of God; a nerd genius either by will or chance sparked the right connections and here we are, billions of years later. Assuming we got it right till that part, here are some thoughts that might help shape your narrative.

The earth is not the center of it (or, you are not special)

Many assume the simulation is like an enclosure/zoo, and the creator is watching us specifically. You might think we're the most advanced/developed civilization out there, and naturally the simulator has a special interest in us. I see no difference between the people who believe that God created us humans special, and you. No, unfortunately we're not at the center of it all this time, okay? The creator does not check in occasionally to see how you're doing, there are billions of us, humans and otherwise, in just this one puny planet. Imagine the scale at which the creator operates, and look at you. You do not matter, and your theory falls out the moment you assign a special place for us in it.

Humans are not the center of it (or, you are not special)

Again, thinking if we're reaching some kind of pinnacle in terms of where we are headed is absolutely naive. You are not at the verge of something truly breaking. We are yet to crack multi planetary habitation, and you assume we're so close to meeting the simulator? How obscene. Think of our planet as a speck of dust on a beach. Again, your theory cannot place our planet at the center of it. We're cogs of a gigantic machine. Maybe we can one day cause enough disruption to make the creator check what's going on, but not yet.

Glitches are not going to be what you want

Another common assumption is that the simulation is like a VR experience, or something intangible like a video game/program, and any probable bugs could be found if you think this way. I would say the simulation, like a dream till you wake up, will be real. Don't take my word for it, you can feel it right now. None of this is fake, right? There are no bugs in the simulation because, us being part of the whole thing, means these are features. This is just how it works. And unless the glitch happens without defying our current models of physics (and the ones we make conclude from this new observation), it's always just how it's supposed to work. The simulation will continue, glitchy or not, and we will live through it assuming this is exactly how it should work.

There's no end game - it won't end with you meeting the creator... He is living in a simulation too.

Let's say that one day, you just manage to barely contact the creator. He sees you making a ruckus in his program; his AWS server starts generating high bills (as Geohotz joked) and a few fruitfalls later, we develop a channel and a language to communicate with. Granted, it will be monumental for us, but probably not for the creator. Who says he himself is not part of another simulation? And that there are no other simulations inadvertently kickstarted by him? Are you inadvertently making a simulation right now? The end game, always is that either it's an infinite series of universes encompassing the smaller ones, or somehow it loops into the first one at a point.

Our perception of space, time and matter is still very nascent; so hey, who knows maybe one day your computer overheats and you find little minions making their way out of it. Or maybe it was just bitcoin mining.